NYE | Glistening Glitter Glow Makeup


Welcome to my Glistening Glitter NYE Makeup Tutorial!

… And when I say glitter, I’m talking my $3 sequin glitter from Wal-Mart – not the fancy shmancy expensive makeup kind. I wanted to create something super dramatic, and just adding a sparkly eyeshadow to my lid wasn’t gonna cut it.

Also, please disregard my unattached lash in some of these pics. It happens.


If you’re daring enough to recreate this look, keep reading!

I applied my MAC Studio Fix foundation in the color NC35, and filled in my Brows before starting my eye makeup. I used the Scotch Tape trick again on my eyes for this look. If you’re unfamiliar with it, check out my Gold Glam Makeup Tutorial to learn more.


Let’s get GLOWING!

1. Apply an Eyeshadow Base

I blended MAC’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the color Painterly all over my lid, and up to my brow bone.


2. Highlight your Brow Bone

I applied the color Bobby Dazzle (a bright white shimmery shade) from the Vice 3 Palette directly under my brow, giving it a nice glistening highlight!


3. Apply a Transition Shade

With a fluffy blending brush, I took the color Taupe (a light brown shade) from the Lorac Pro Palette, and dusted it onto my upper crease area.


4.Lightly Define your crease

With the same brush from Step 3, I am lightly brushing the color Sable (a slightly darker brown shade) from the Lorac Pro Palette right onto my crease area.


5. Brighten your lid

I picked up the color Bobby Dazzle again, and placed it all over my lid. This will give my eye an extra glow before I add the glitter.



I had to switch eyes for the rest of the pictures in this tutorial. My left eye was my test eye, and things weren’t glowing so smoothly there. My eyeshadow colors may look different in the following pictures, but they were all the same!

6. Apply an Eyeliner

I winged out my eyeliner using Inglot’s Gel Liner in #77 *MY FAVORITE EYELINER OF ALL TIME


7. Apply Mascara & Lashes

I applied Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara to my eyelashes, followed by Ardell lashes #111 (loved these)!

DSC05849 DSC05852

8. Apply Glitter Adhesive

Carefully apply adhesive to the areas of your lid where you want your glitter to go. Be careful not to apply adhesive too close to your crease, as we will be going back to the crease later to define it.

This is now the second time I’ve ever used the Urban Decay Bondage Adhesive, and I love it! It was strong enough to adhere the sequin glitter, and removal was easy and painless! I would highly recommend The UD Bondage adhesive.


9. Apply Glitter

Taking a clean brush, pick up as much glitter as you can, and apply it to your eye. This process will take time and patience. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of glitter you have applied, wait a few minutes for it to set in place before continuing on to the next step.



10. Define your crease

Take a smaller eyeshadow brush, and apply a matte black shadow to the crease of your eye. My advice is to bring this color a little farther past the center of your crease, don’t carry it all the way to your tear duct.

This is similar to the “cut crease” method, except a cut crease is much cleaner than what mine came out to be, so I won’t even call it that.


11. Blend your crease color

I dabbed the same brush I used in Step 4, into the color Taupe and lightly blended the black shadow upwards.


12. Apply liner to your water line

Using my fave Inglot Gel Liner #77 again, I took a small eyeliner brush and carefully applied it onto my waterline.


13. Apply shadow to your lower lash line

After applying Concealer, I applied the color Slate (a grey shimmery shade) from the Lorac Pro Palette to my lower lash line. I didn’t carry this color all the way to my inner eye, because we are going to brighten up the tear duct in the next step.


14. Apply Shadow to your Tear Duct

Using the color Bobby Dazzle again, I lightly patted my makeup brush onto my tear duct area, and then applied mascara to my lower lashes.



15. Add Lip Color

Since I really wanted the focus for this look to be on my eyes, I went for a nude lip. First, I over lined them slightly with MAC’s Pro Longwear Liner in the color Morning Coffee, followed by their Fleshpot lipstick. This is a favorite combo of mine!


Here is my finished look!



For an added glow, take a white shimmery shadow, and highlight your cheekbones with it!

Happy 2015!



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