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KIKO Cosmetics HAUL


I found out about KIKO Cosmetics a little over a month ago. After learning that they had great pigmented products at an affordable cost, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of their makeup!

When I went to the KIKO Website, I quickly discovered that they did not ship to the U.S., and my only option was to purchase makeup from one of their free standing stores.

As fate and the Makeup Gods would have it, a KIKO Cosmetics Store opened up at my mall –  a week after my discovery!



To find a KIKO near you: Click Here

Starting in the Spring of 2015, the company will be shipping to the U.S.

Read on to see what I picked up!


Infinity Eyeshadow

Highly pigmented eyeshadows that you can build your own palette with. I started to build one of my own, using their “Eye Clics” system. I picked up the colors 256 Metallic Gold, and 240 Mat Dark Taupe. The 256 Metallic Gold is HANDS DOWN the best Gold Eyeshadow I own.


High Pigmentation Eyeshadow

These eyeshadows have a tested hold of up to 12 hours. I picked up their 137 Pearly Copper color. I’ve been wanting to be more adventurous with my eyeshadow choices, which led me to purchasing this shade. There are so many gorgeous makeup looks using this warm copper tone that I can’t wait to try!


Color Sphere Eyeshadow

KIKO says this eyeshadow is rich in illuminating pigments and can be used wet or dry to adjust the intensity from transparent to intense! This is the 31 Brown Black Multicolour shade, which I swatched next to my 137 Pearly Copper.


Color Sphere Duo Eyeshadow

This is the baked duo eyeshadow in 207 Ruthenium Gold/Wenge. The KIKO website refers to their Color Sphere Duo Eyeshadows as “Mat and Pearly”. One side being a Mat (matte) shade, and the other a pearly (shimmery) one. I was instantly drawn to this gorgeous color combo!


Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow

KIKO’s extreme hold eyeshadow stick promises 8 hours of no color transfer. When I saw the 28 Bright Ivory shade, I knew right away I’d use it not only as an eyeshadow, but as an eyeshadow base as well!


Unlimited Stylo Lipstick

Another long-lasting product from KIKO promising up to 8 hours of hold time, are their Unlimited Stylo lipsticks. These are soo smooth and creamy when applied, and their long lasting capabilities are another huge plus. I picked up mine in the color 13 Cocoa.

DSC06128(scroll down for swatch)

Luscious Cream Lipstick

Much like the Unlitimed Stylo, the Luscious Cream lipsticks also apply super soft and creamy. The shade I have is 521 Dark Mauve. An added bonus: This lipstick is infused with moisturizing and plumping capabilities! KIKO says the “K2 Re pulp (an ingredient in the lipstick) stimulates the production of Hyaluronic acid, helping to keep the moisture level of the lips ideal increasing their fullness”.


When it comes to lipstick, there are two colors that I am C O N S T A N T L Y purchasing. And when it’s not a “Nude”, it’s a “Mauve” shade. These two colors from KIKO are both Mauve, and very similar. And because I’m sick in the head … I bought both.image1-2


Each product I purchased was under $10! This company has high end makeup, at drug store prices. KIKO is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite makeup brands.

Already tried KIKO Cosmetics? Let me know what you bought!

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