May 2015 | Favorites

May 2015 Favorites


Happy June! Today I will be sharing my May favorites with you all (better late than never). I have mostly makeup products, but also some accessories to talk about as well. I hope everyone has been enjoying the first few days of June! I have a lot of fun posts planned for this month, so be on the lookout for those.

Keep reading if you’d like to see what I loved in the month of May!

Coloured Raine Liquid Lipstick in Mars


If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know I have been loving Coloured Raine’s liquid lipstick in the color “Mars”. The shade is a gorgeous mauvy-pink, and I love how long wearing it is!

I get the most out of it’s long wearing capabilities by perfecting your pout before applying! 😉

Get yours here: Coloured Raine Velvet Lipstick in Mars

Lancome Lip Coloring Stick with Brush




Image: Lancome

My cousin works for Lancome and said that I’d love their lip pencil in the color “Ideal”. She was right!

Nine times out of ten, my go-to lipstick color choice is either a nude or a mauve shade. So whenever I find a liner that is going to compliment both of those colors, I have to have it! As Lancome’s website states, it is a creamy-soft, waterproof pencil with a built-in brush that defines and contours lips (LOVE this feature). It is also smudge resistant and prevents lipstick from feathering.

I love that this is a higher end product that does exactly what it promises. There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on something, to have it end up being terrible! No other waterproof/long wearing lip liner I’ve ever used has been comparable to this one. So If you’re in the market for a great lip liner, I highly recommend trying one of Lancome’s ‘Le Lipstique’ lip coloring sticks!

Get yours here: ‘Le Lipstique’ LipColoring Stick with Brush

Rimmel Lash Accelerator



Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator has been my go-to this mascara this month for everyday wear, but even more so for my lower lashes. I’ve always had trouble finding a mascara that is well suited for my lower lashes, and now my search is finally over. The Lash Accelerator gives my lashes a clump-free, defined look.  I will definitely be repurchasing!

 Get yours here: Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara Black, .23 Ounce

Kiko Cosmetics Orange Lipstick and Liner



I’ve been in the market for an orange lipstick for the longest time. On my most recent trip to Kiko, their Velvet Mat Lipstick in the shade 604 was calling my name. I had to have it. I obviously didn’t want to leave the store without a lip liner to compliment this gorgeous orange color, so I was led to buy their “Smart Lip Pencil” in the shade 705 as well. The two are a perfect pair. I think this orange shade will compliment a lot of skin tones, and is perfect for summertime.

If you have a Kiko near you, go try this combo, and see if you love it as much as I do!

Fashion to Figure Green Earrings



I’ve received so many compliments on these gorgeous emeraldy green earrings from Fashion to Figure! I picked them up last month to compliment a green dress (also from Fashion to Figure) that I bought for my cousin’s wedding. They are such a beautiful shade of green, and I can’t wait to wear them again!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find them online, but see if they’re in store near you, by checking Fashion to Figure’s store locator.

Old Navy Sunglasses


These blue mirrored sunglasses with an Aztec-patterened frame immediately caught my attention at Old Navy. You know I love me some cheap mirrored shades! I think they’re so fun for summer, and are actually really durable for having been under $10.

Check your local Old Navy and see if these bad boys are still there!


That’s all for my May favorites! What have you been loving this month? I love trying new products, so please send me your monthly faves!



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