Self-Tanning Prep


I’ve been self-tanning for what seems like forever.

As someone who has zero patience for anything, self-tanning has always worked as a quick and (for the most part) easy way to get me dark in no time. What I’ve learned through my years of self-tanning, is that just like most things beauty related, it’s all about personal preference. For me, I can get away with just tanning my face, neck, and boobs. Since my legs rarely see the light of day, I don’t waste my time (or product) on tanning them. 😉

Later in the week, I will be reviewing a self-tanner that was recently sent to me. I am SO SO excited to not only try this product, but tell you all about it as well! To ensure that I get a gorgeous, streak-free glow, I will need to prep my skin. In today’s post, I am sharing the steps I take, and pivotal products that I use before applying a self-tanner.

If you’d like to learn my technique, keep on reading!

What I use:
Steps I take:
  • The first thing I do once I get in the shower, is wash my face. Whenever I’m too lazy to use my Clarisonic before a self-tan, I wash my face with St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub.
  • After showering, I dry off and ready myself for application. Be sure to not apply any moisturizers to your face and body as you normally would. Only apply moisturizer to the drier areas of your body (elbows, knuckles, knees), as self-tanner doesn’t look so flawless when applied to dry/flaky skin. I use a very small amount of my Jergens Soothing Aloe Moisturizer on my hands and elbows.
  • Apply Self-Tanner


I hope you enjoyed my first of many self-tanning posts, I can’t wait to lather on some self-tanner tonight, and wake up tomorrow with a gorgeous bronze glow! Stay tuned to see how my tan turned out, and what I thought of the product I used!

If you have any self tanning tips, share them with me here:
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