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Ever since I made the conscious decision earlier this year to no longer tan in tanning beds, I have been on the hunt for a great sunless tanner. Upon researching different products, I came across the company Beautisol and I was immediately intrigued. I reached out to them and asked if they would be interested in sending me some products to try and review, and within days I received what would turn out to be my favorite sunless tanner to date!


About Beautisol

  • Beautisol provides high quality and environmentally conscious sun care products with personality.
  • Beautisol’s self-tanners are the ONLY sunless tanners on the market that have color correcting pigments, so you will never be orange when using them.
  • Their products are Paraben and Cruelty free (Vegan and PETA certified)!
  • They have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Health, Good Housekeeping, and on Good Morning America.
  • (Also, their founder used to work for St. Tropez Tan, so yeah … This stuff is the real deal)

What I was sent


❤ Summer Glow Dark Self-Tanner 8oz

❤ Body Bronzing Mousse with Tea Extracts

❤ Deep Exfoliating Mitt

❤ Goof-Proof Applicator Mitt

Summer Glow Dark Self-Tanner

Want a flawless, streak-free summer glow? Look no further than Beautisol’s Summer Glow Dark Self-Tanner! One application will give you a beautiful natural looking tan, and have you feeling confident and sexy in no time! At least that’s how I felt in this selfie, after a fresh application:


This self-tanner’s odor eliminating technology “Pure Scent” reduces that infamous smell often associated with sunless tanners. I like to apply it with their goof-proof applicator mitt before bed (after using my trusted Self-Tan Prep steps).

To build an even darker tan, you can re-apply the next day. Another big plus about Beautisol’s Summer Glow tanner, is that it fades seamlessly! Your skin won’t be left looking blotchy in the days following your first application. This formula fades just like your natural tan would!

Body Bronzing Mousse with Tea Extracts

An instant tanner that doesn’t smell like an instant tanner?



Beautisol’s Body Bronzing Mousse is a must have in my book. This is a great product for those of you (like me) with no patience to wait for a sunless tanner to develop, and want instant gratification. PLUS it smells like tea. I love applying this before I go out for the night. I’m obsessed!

What it does:

-Gives an immediate bronze color

-Helps hide skin imperfections

-Enchances your natural coloring

-Moisturizes and Nourishes skin with anti-aging properties

-Washes off easily with soap and water

Try Beautisol Products 

Try out Beautisol’s sunless tanners, and feel just as sexy and confident as I do when I use them! Head to their website, and use the code “FREEMITT” to get a FREE applicator mitt with the purchase of your self tanner at checkout. Beautisol’s website and Youtube channel are JAM PACKED with helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks, so always check there if you need help!

HUGE Thank you to Beautisol for sending me these goodies, and for creating such amazing products!

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