Beauty Treatments for Less

After being in somewhat of a skin-rut lately, I treated myself to my first ever facial this past weekend!


Since I refuse to even spend more than $5 on my shampoo, there was no way I was going to splurge on a fancy overpriced facial somewhere. BUT, I was in need! That’s when I decided to finally take advantage of living near a beauty school. If you don’t already know, beauty schools offer various different beauty services and treatments at a low price!

These services are performed by the school’s capable and talented students who are nearing graduation.

I went to one of the many Marinello Schools of Beauty, and got their Anti-Aging/Acne facial. The facial took just over an hour, and cost me only $30! At a spa, the same service can run for double, and sometimes triple that rate. My skin looked so clear after leaving, that I couldn’t stop staring at myself in my rearview mirror on the way home (but that’s really nothing new 😉 ).


Two of my good friends also went and received Marinello’s Anti-Anging/Acne Facial last week as well. We’ve all been so impressed with how great our skin has felt and looked in the days following our treatment, we can’t wait to go back! I myself haven’t seen my skin so clear in months!


Opting to go to a beauty school and get a service done instead of a high-end spa/salon is a great way to not only get a beauty treatment for less, but to let beauty students get extra practice before they get licensed. I will definitely be back to Marinello soon to try more of their services!

Click HERE to see a full list of Marinello’s services.


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3 thoughts on “Beauty Treatments for Less

  1. I definitely agree that you can find where to get services cheaper than a fancy spa! I used to work at a spa and we would hire right out of school sometimes. If anyone is wondering: They don’t let students do anything unless they are almost done with school anyways. Plus, they almost always have an instructor nearby for guidance. I’m glad you had a great experience! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your input!!!! It’s so true the instructor is always nearby, and they only let students who are almost done with their program perform these treatments!! Might have to edit my post and add that info! Thanks again ❤ xo

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