Turning 25

I am really big on birthdays.1891265_10206958353053641_560628855640851899_n

Your birthday is the one day of the year that is all about you!

I’m sure if my ex is reading this, he’s saying to himself “Uh Alexa, you think everyday is all about you.” 


… but that’s neither here nor there 😉

There’s just a special feeling people get on their birthday. Even as a kid, in a time before mundane Facebook birthday posts (from your college roommate’s hometown friend that visited your dorm once in 2009 – but you haven’t seen since), and text messages from your BFFs with an excess amount of balloon and cake emojis … You’d wake up on your birthday feeling important.

 I’ve always believed that how you spend your birthday (and how good of a birthday you have), reflects your year to come … Which is why I always like to make my birthdays memorable for everyone involved.

In previous years, I’d stress myself out trying to find something unique and fun for my friends and I to do for my birthday (scavenger hunts, drag shows, etc). But in doing that, I’d be so focused on making everyone else happy, and making sure that everyone else was having a good time – that I’d forget the celebrations were actually for me.

This year, I had to think about what I wanted out of my birthday. Not what was going to appease my friends, or what was going to look best for Instagram, but what was ACTUALLY GOING TO make me happy.

And so, I decided on having a very casual get together at my mom’s restaurant. I extended an invite to my close friends to drop in for some apps, cake, and of course – selfies.  I was one of the most dressed down people in attendance, wearing leggings and a button down jean top (and I wouldn’t have had it any other way).

My mom had a table set aside for us, adorned with “Alexa” confetti, pink and orange table displays to match my cake, and huge # 25 balloons. As my friends popped in and out, we caught up, reminisced, laughed, and ate my mom’s authentic Italian cuisine. It was a perfect night.

I didn’t need an extravagant celebration to make my birthday special, and I regret ever thinking that I did.




With each year that passes, I continue to learn more about myself and grow. Instead of dwelling on the bad times in my life, I am now choosing to turn my hurt and hardships into lessons, and stepping stones towards personal progress.

Almost two weeks in to my 25th year, and I am feeling motivated, confident, and strong-minded  For the first time in what seems like a very long time.

This year I hope to truly focus on bettering myself.

I plan to reassess my wants, needs, and dreams, while also working on being more grateful, understanding, and appreciative of all that I have. 25 has been great to me so far, and I am excited for where life will take me this year.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated my birthday with me, you helped make it the best one yet! I am forever grateful and lucky to have the family and friends that I do.

I love you.



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