Carolina Panthers Makeup Tutorial (Video)

I’m back again with my second Super Bowl 50 Makeup Tutorial!


If you’d like to see my Carolina Panthers makeup look/ you’re really here to creep on my selfies … Scroll on down!


Carolina Panthers Makeup Tutorial:

Tips if you plan on recreating this look:
  1. Apply face makeup AFTER you’ve finished your eyes. Glitter gets EVERYWHERE, and I mean everywhere (I’m pretty sure there’s currently a few specs in my under boob).
  2. Invest in a good adhesive for when you apply glitter. I’ve seen so many tutorials on YouTube where people apply glitter with lash glue. I do not recommend this, as it becomes extremely difficult to remove. I love using my Urban Decay Bondage Adhesive!
  3. Plan to remove your makeup before applying a temporary tattoo. Temporary tattoos need to be applied to clean skin. If you try to apply the tattoo to your face when it has makeup on it, it will not adhere fully. I map out where I want my tattoo to be, and wipe off that section of my face with a baby wipe. I then reapply my foundation as best as I can around the tattoo.

Products Used:

Painterly Paint Pot (MAC)

Teal Blue Eyeshadow (Coastal Scents 120 Two Palette)

Crease Eyeshadows (Morphe 350 Palette)

Matte Black Eyeshadow (Lorac Pro 2 Palette)

1st Eyeliner – Physicians Formula

Blue Glitter (Joann’s)

Gel Liner (NYX)

Also my waterline liner

Concealer (L.A. Girl)

Kohl Liner (Inglot)

Blue/Black eyeshadow: “Revolver” (Vice 3 Palette)

Lancome Lip Liner (Ideal)

Myth + Flest Pot Lipstick (MAC)

Highlight shade “Bobby Dazzle” (Urban Decay)

Not rooting for the Panthers?

Click here to see my Broncos look!

Broncos Cover

Slexa Says Blue.jpg

Well, I’m sad that I have to wait a whole year to do this again! Super Bowl makeup is hands down my favorite to do. If you happen to be a Panthers or Broncos fan and recreate one of my Super Bowl 50 looks, please tag me!!


I hope you all have a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday!




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